General guild rules

Be a decent human being

Don’t be toxic. Don’t be a dick. Don’t annoy/harass people. If you are negative and only have bad things to say - just stay quiet and keep it for yourself. This means outside the guild as well, we want to keep our guild reputation good.

Goldshire is banned.

(Okay maybe not - but seriously keep the drama inside goldshire - even better if you don’t go there at all!)

Respect privacy and think before you write

Try to respect other members (or even outside guild) privacy. Privacy should be respected to certain level - but if someone is being offensive at you in private it can be reported to us. But this also doesn’t mean you should try to provoke people to say something offensive in private to get them kicked out for example. Even when you write something privately to another member or someone outside the guild - it doesn’t mean it always stays private. We have gotten many reports / screenshots from these private discussions since those are pretty much the only evidence that can be provided when accusing something.

Social / Alt raids (Sunday raids)

These raids are completely optional. Sunday is for social / alt raids. These raids will be normal or HC difficulty. Raid starts around 19.00 and we keep going as long as we feel like it’s worth it. (Usually 19.00-22.00 unless we get super stuck earlier). Requirements for the raids are written in the calendar event so in order to join, you must meet these requirements to keep it smooth (same for core raider alts). Even in social raids we are not boosting anyone for free.

Other events

We may have other events appearing in calendar and we will inform people in that case. You are very welcome to make your own events you want to invite guild members to. If you want some achievement run done - don’t expect leaders to make event for you, instead try to inform people and make your own event!

Raid rules

Raid days and times

- Mythic raid teams raid days are Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. (These are for raid members and back-up raiders only). Raid starts 19.00 and ends at 22.00 (Server time)
- Invitations start around 18.45 and that’s when you should generally be ready and prepared.
- We don’t usually extend our raids, only by like 5-10 mins max.
- We try to have 2x breaks (usually 10min after first hour, and 5-10 min after second hour - but if we have long delays before actual raiding we might skip second break completely). If you need extra breaks, just ask so everyone can have one.
- If you are late or know you might be late - just inform one of the guild members or officers and let us know. Every time.
- If you are late (or unsure if you can make it) without informing your spot will go to someone else that is on time.
- People who have "Accepted" status have priority over those with "Tentative" or "Declined". (If you were still tentative/declined 2 hours before raid starts)

Raid behaviour

- Try to keep discord voicechat clean when progressing, but shitchatting in raidchat is okay as long as we aren’t writing tactics in there at the same time.
- Chill and feel free to have fun when we are doing easier stuff like reclearing, but don’t steal the show on your own all the time (Read: No constant attention whoring).
- If you don’t understand something - ask!
- No rage quitting during raids/other events you signed up for and joined. (Leads to very quick gkick)
- Leaders (Officers and GM) always have the final word. Even if you don’t agree with us - DON’T ARGUE. Healthy discussion and suggestions are good, but even then it’s usually better to poke one of the officers than openly fighting with them in voice chat. We have to be able to do decisions - even if they wouldn’t always be the right ones, but we try to make the best decisions.

Raid preparations

- Be prepared for every raid: have your gems, enchants, flasks, potions, runes, food ready.
- Invitations start around 18.45 - don’t start doing dungeons etc. right before invitations.
- Know your class - keep reading class discords and googling stuff. Take some effort and always aim to learn more and improve. Just do it. (Especially if you are bad at taking criticism or tips from other guild members which has been fairly common in our guild in the past).
- Feel free to ask for help
- We will explain tactics for every fight more or less, but it’s always good to take a look at fights (Especially in mythic progress.)

Commitment to mythic raiding

When you start raiding mythic with us, make sure you can finish a raid tier with us at least. In the past we have had players joining mythic for month or two and then suddenly disappearing mid tier - we don’t want to see that in the future. Exceptions can be made if special life situations occur, but this is what we should all aim for. This will make progressing more enjoyable and linear because we won’t have to recruit new people all the time and gearing them up... and teaching them fights... and learning how to teamplay with them.

Mythic raid spots (passing/benching)

- If we are more than 20, someone will have to pass a spot.
- First we look for volunteers (If you want to pass your spot or don’t mind passing, here is when you should talk).
- If no volunteers are found, then officers will decide which people will roll for a spot (Usually DPS players, but we may even choose certain players who will roll for it, like “all melees” for example.
- Officers are safe unless they agree to roll for a spot as well)
- If you pass your spot (even if forced/rolled), you will have a spot for next raid you have accepted 100%.

Leaders decide what we do

Meaning when we extend for progress and when we reclear and so on.

Loot rules

- In BfA personal loot is forced.
- We will have different loot channel to make it cleaner than our loot rolling has previously been.
- Everyone has to join to the loot channel.
- If you get item which you don’t need, link it in the loot channel and officers will start asking for rolls on those one by one.
- 3 Roll priority levels: Mainspec > (Offspec/M+/PVP) > Transmog
- You can only have one mainspec - so you can’t roll for healing items as mainspec if you are maining DPS.
- Keep rolls clean. No fake rolling. (Only roll if you really need it)
- BoE drops are yours. Even if you couldn’t use it - you are free to sell it in AH. You can of course give them away if you want, but no one is forcing you to.